Crossfit Power Station
Crossfit Power Station
Crossfit Power Station
Crossfit Power Station



CrossFit Power Station has 3 Rooms for training.

Room 1 and 2: CrossFit, CrossFit Lite, CrossFit Kids & Teens, CF Barbell Club, Boxing and TRX.

Room 3 (fully padded area upstairs): stretching & mobilisation before or after class, BJJ.

CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Teens, Kids Boxing run according to school terms. 

Click here for our timetable.

Check our Programmes page for a description of each class. 

Our classes have a limit on the maximum number of people who can attend the class. This number varies depending on the class type. This is to ensure that everyone gets personal attention and the instructors are able to closely monitor everyone's technique and progress.

 If you can't book into the class you want, talk to us. We can discuss alternative times or classes so that you don't miss out on your training time. 

For this reason it is very important to book into your classes - and not just turn up!


If you are booking in for the first time, before you are able to make a booking, you will be asked to create a Password for yourself. Once this is done the system will accept your bookings. 

If you have a problem making a booking Contact us and we will get it sorted out.