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Crossfit Power Station
Crossfit Power Station


CrossFit Power Station is not a traditional gym – therefore we don’t offer traditional memberships. Our members all have different goals so it makes sense that our memberships also vary depending on the type and number of workouts you plan to come to. Depending on what your individual goals are we will advise you on the best combination of classes. 

We intentionally keep our class numbers small so we run a booking system to ensure that our committed members can attend their selected classes each week. Sometimes this means that certain classes are fully booked. If this is the case, talk to us about an alternative training session.

Our gym structure is similar to having an appointment with a Personal Trainer. We assess each individual’s capabilities, then closely monitor your progress within each class. We advise on technique and motivate you!

Information on all our programmes can be found on the individual programme pages.

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Give us a call or contact us on email if you have any queries or any special requirements you wish to discuss.  We can plan your goals and decide which programme will suit you best.


Visitors to CrossFit Power Station (Our Drop In Policy)

Visiting CrossFitters (from out of town or from another country) are welcome at CFPS – you must however contact us prior to turning up to a class. We need to establish your level of experience to ensure your own safety and that of our other members. We are unable to accept unannounced drop-ins.

Email us and let us know when you want to drop in. If you will be wanting to train at CFPS for an extended period we can arrange a purchase of a pack of classes ahead of time.

Show up for class a few minutes early and introduce yourself to the Coach. If you are planning on only a few training sessions, our casual rate is $20 per session.

CFPS Dress Code

As we are a family gym and licensed to hold CrossFit Kids and Teens classes we ask that all members (and those visiting to workout) wear either a singlet or t-shirt during their workouts – including warm ups and warm downs.